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Robin D’Souza

Founder, FreshmenSuccess

Robin earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering from Texas Tech University in 2004. After graduation, he worked for National Instruments as an Applications Engineer in Austin, TX. He continued his career as a Sales Engineer for National Instruments in Rochester, NY. Robin is now based in Houston, TX and is dedicated to helping students succeed academically through FreshmenSuccess.

During his student life, Robin was part of the Peer Mentor program at Texas Tech University. As a Student Peer Mentor, he helped incoming freshmen students plan and keep on track with their intense study schedule required for the engineering program and earn a good GPA. Robin found his passion for helping students learn the process of attaining success in college. As part of the Peer Mentor program, the incoming freshmen students used a software program for academic time management created by Dr. James Gregory. Robin believed in the Peer Mentor Program and the value that Dr. Gregory’s software provided students. After Robin’s graduation and his success in a professional job, Robin and Dr. Gregory reunited with a common interest to create the software, WizED.

Robin believes that success comes from consistent hard-work and effective coaching. Although many students work hard, they do not always receive the proper coaching. Success in academics requires coaching just like athletes requiring coaching to excel in sports. WizED becomes that coach and helps students excel in academics. This software designs study plans based on the student’s learning style preferences just as a coach must create a training program based on the abilities of the athlete. Robin’s goal through FreshmenSuccess is to give every student an opportunity to study effectively and achieve academic success. ...readmore...hide

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James Gregory

Professor Emeritus, Texas Tech University
Designer of WizED

James Gregory was reared on a family farm in Missouri. He attended the University of Missouri- Columbia and completed his BS and MS degrees in Agricultural Engineering. He served as the Repair Division Officer in the US Navy on the USS Intrepid, now a floating museum in New York. After completing his military service, he attended Iowa State University and completed his PhD in Agricultural Engineering and Soil Physics.

Dr. Gregory started his professional career as an assistant professor in the Agricultural Engineering Department at the University of Missouri teaching and researching topics in soil and water conservation practices with a focus on mathematical modeling of processes and systems. After eight years working at University of Missouri, Dr. Gregory moved to Texas Tech University and completed 22 years of work there in the Agricultural and Civil Engineering Departments. He also served as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the College of Engineering for 10 years.

At Texas Tech University, Dr. Gregory continued to teach and research soil and water conservation topics with a focus on soil erosion by wind. He also began to mathematically model learning processes including benefits of group study, effects of timing on academic success, value of multisensory communication in the teaching process, etc. These mathematical models were grouped into an interactive computer program, GREG, written by Dr. Gregory. GREG was first available for student use in 1991. Dr. Gregory added a sleep management component to GREG and a web version of GREG became available in 1997.

The associate dean for undergraduate studies and the assistant dean began using the GREG program with students returning from suspension. Students who used GREG and who had follow-up mentoring had a much higher success rate than those who did not. In 1995, Dr. Gregory was asked to server as the associate dean for undergraduate studies in the College of Engineering. The process of using GREG and mentoring to help students experiencing academic difficulty was continued during the next decade. The process was also expanded and used in the BRIDGE program for entering students in the College of Engineering.

After the initial work to develop GREG, Dr.Gregory continued to work to improve the learning model. After his retirement from Texas Tech University, he redeveloped, expanded, and reprogramed the learning model now known as WizED. Working with Mr.Robin D’Souza one of the student peer mentors during Dr. Gregory’s time as associate dean, the process has been expanded to integrate and automate both the learning model and the mentoring process.

Many students do well in high school but have not learned how to be good learners. High school generally has daily classes and only one day between classes. Good timing is a default of daily classes. Many students in high school do well on test and earning grades without much investment in doing homework and study away from class. Unfortunately, in many schools the standard for what is learned has also declined leaving a weak foundation in math, English, and the sciences on which to build a college education.

When students make the transition to college, the process generally changes. Classes usually meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday. If students do not study and review class notes after class on the same day before sleep, they have a high risk of academic failure. College classes are more in depth and require both a good foundation and much study. If a student gets behind, it is very difficult to recover. Student who fail to plan for academic success often have a default plan for academic failure.

The WizED model to develop an academic plan and the scheduling and mentoring process provided in FreshmenSuccess provides both a process-based academic plan for success and a schedule and monitoring process to keep the student on schedule. Professionals often use day planners to schedule work events, plan trips and meetings, set deadlines, and evaluate work progress. It is logical that students (future professionals) should also learn to plan and manage academic work to improve performance and prepare for a professional career. ...readmore...hide

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Diana DeCarolis

VP, Sales

Diana was born and raised in Massachusetts and attended college at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). In 2006, she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Sciences with High Honors. In 2005, Diana received her Associate in Applied Science majoring in ASL-English Interpretation. Prior to this in 2003, she earned her Associate in Science in American Sign Language and Deaf Studies from Mount Wachusett Community College in Gardner, MA.

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Diana began working for Sign Language Connection, Inc as a sign language interpreter. In 2008, she earned her national certification, NIC, from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. She continued her work in Houston, TX for 3 years working as an independent contractor in a variety of settings.

After learning about FreshmenSuccess, Diana decided to apply her passion for working with people to helping students succeed in academics. As VP of Sales and Marketing, Diana has immense responsibilities at the company but always has time to work with students.

Recognizing that time management is a skill that many have not mastered by the time they enter college, it is Diana’s hope that WizEd will offer the guidance necessary for students to become aware of how to make valuable use of their time in college. ...readmore...hide